How many DOL Apprentices complete ABC Training and what is their graduation rate?

ABC led programs, like the Greater Michigan Construction Academy (GMCA), have one of the lowest completion rates of all Michigan Trade Schools. Since 2000 only 16 out of every 100 have graduated...

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How much does ABC and GMCA Training cost?

The Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) led program is one of the most expensive trade schools in the State. GMCA Tuition, fees, books and materials costs up to $13,000 per program. No Educational State Aid is available...

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Do ABC Apprenticeships pay a stipend like Union programs?

"Earn While You Learn" is often one of the biggest advantages of a DOL Apprenticeship, but unfortunately ABC programs, like GMCA, do not pay trainees a stipend. This is the opposite in Union led Jatc programs...

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BREAKING: ABC’s Midland GMCA Evening Training Program Had ONLY 31 Graduates in 2018.

The Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) Greater Michigan Chapter’s Midland based training program, the Greater Michigan Construction Academy (GMCA), reported in 2018 to their accreditation agency that only 31 students graduated from their evening courses. Total reported enrollment during 2018 was 77 students, which amounts to a graduation rate of 40%. See a complete breakdown […]

How much on average does an ABC DOL Electrician Apprentice graduate earn?

$13 an hour. This is according to information that the Michigan bases Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) reported to the DOL regarding their apprentices who graduated (1). The Michigan based Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) Department of Labor (DOL) Apprenticeship programs perform poorly in many metrics, but perhaps the most shocking is how little their apprentices earn […]

READ THE FULL REPORT: How do ABC Affiliated Registered Apprenticeship Programs Perform in Michigan?

  A full copy of the research report can be download here: ABC Apprenticeship Report. Key findings and a summary of the introduction can be found below. THE PERFORMANCE OF ABC-SPONSORED REGISTERED APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAMS IN MICHIGAN: 2000-2016 Cihan Bilginsoy Professor of Economics University of Utah October 2017 SUMMARY AND KEY FINDINGS We compare the performance of […]