The true answer is unknown. What we do know is that Michigan based ABC Sponsored training programs have only had 2 women and 3 black DOL registered Apprentices complete their training since 2000 (1).

The Michigan based Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) Department of Labor (DOL) Sponsored Apprenticeship programs fall short in many metrics:

  • They cost more than most programs (2)
  • They contribute very few new graduating apprentices per year to the overall workforce
  • Their graduation rate is remarkably low, with 14% on average completing training (3).

 In addition, ABC struggles with attracting a diverse workforce that includes people other than white men. According to DOL Data since 2000, ABC Sponsored Training programs have only graduated 2 women and 3 black apprentices(1).

It is hard to determine why ABC DOL Apprenticeships are not able to successfully recruit or train women or black people. Even when graduation rates are a factor out, ABC has only registered 22 women and 59 black apprentices in 17 years (1). One potential contributing factor may be ABC’s lack of support for their apprentice in the forms of stipends, job placement and tuition assistance (2). Another reason may be ABC’s practice of hiring leadership staff that has backgrounds focused on politics and lobbying, instead of construction or human resources (4).